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I will be back NYC Spa needed a little relaxation before enduring a hellish drive from Brooklyn to North Carolina before two weeks ago; plus, my skin is nearly always a wreck, so I went in search of a reasonably priced facial. Through Yelp and Lifebooker, I managed to find NYC Spa. I will be back.

Fantastic Experience Wow, what can I say about NYC Spa ? As soon as I walked in, I was warmly welcomed by the smile and greet of two beautiful young ladies. As one gathered my information about the massage I requested, the other prepped me for my services, very professional. The masseuse was very kind and performed to my enjoyment. The pressure and routine were very smooth and my body was at a stage of total relaxation, falling asleep was definately unavoidable. As I left, I was welcomed to return again. The feeling was that I was wanted there, and the performace of the staff were in tiptop shape. My overall experience was beyond fanstastic. I hope to return soon, as my calender prevents.

A little slice of heaven???? NYC Spa I have been going to Asian Massage spa for many years and not once have i been disappointed with the service. I had gotten a Deep Tissue massage and requested that she focused on my lower back since i was having lower back pains. Not only did she relieve the pain but i felt very relaxed and the muscle tension was gone. I will definitely be coming back every week to receive a massage.?

The Best Massage Spa in NYC I I"ve been to a lot of the spas in the city and the first time i visited Azalea Spa, i found the atmosphere to be interesting. All though the room r not so private the massage was jsut so amazing i did not want to get up from the table, so I added another hour massage. For the price its worth it, so i did.

wow!! I go here all the time, and If you want a quick, in-and-out massage, that's fine, but i'd recommend giving yourself some extra time to enjoy the beautiful steam room and igloo sauna. there's no limit to how much time you can spend there, and i found that the massage is much better if you've relaxed for a while in the steam and heat. loosens the muscles and makes your mind more tranquil. I usually get the combo massage/body scrub. we all know what a massage is, but have you ever had one of these body scrubs?? they're incredible. it's not that the treatment itself if luxurious or anything, but afterward you'll want everyone to touch your skin, because it's so unbelievably fresh and soft! afterward i take another long hot shower and relax again in the sauna and steam rooms. so relaxing! this place is great. they

Asianmassagspany is a wonderful place to get a massage. Asian Massage Spa is a wonderful place to get a massage. The staff are both super nice and really helpful. Before each massage you fill out a form about where you have pain / discomfort / etc. and they talk to you about where you need work and what they think the best approach for your issues are. They also talk to you during the massage to make sure the pressure is good and they are not hurting anything as they work. They are obviously both very well trained in human physiology and really help you to feel better and I highly recommend Asian Massage Spa Healing Arts!

Asian Massage spa!! I love their service. Asian Massage spa, I love their service. They have done wonders on my face that left me with glowing , even toned skin. The ambiance is just great and pleasant. If you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, visit this spa, highly recommended!

Overall great place? 'Asian Massage Spa NY' Very clean and very relaxed atmosphere. Great dry sauna, table shower. Massage rooms have relaxing music with pleasant aromas. The massage staff is very professional? 'Asian Massage Spa NY' Thank You!!


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NYC Massage 23w 45st. 3fl / between 5th & 6th ave, New York, NY 10036 (212) 768-0595